Friday, July 30, 2010

i'm sorry

i'm so sorry :)
because i can't be your special,
i love someone else,
hope you understand,
again sorry dear !

 my suggestion,
find a girl who love you,
that should be okay because 
both you love each other,
loving someone is not fault,
but love make our life colourfull.

as what i told you that day,
i love you as a friend,
but you misunderstood,
that's why we are fight !
heeeeee :)

one thing that i'll never forget,
time that we're spending together,
at food court,book store,library,
n finally tuition center,
when we're being PMR students,
a lot of memories we had.
uhh ! i miss that time damnn much <3

i hope i can be your friend for ever :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

kem addin siri 2

 dia sgt cute !  arghh <3

suka tgk rambut dia.. smart !
putih.. tinggi n gorgeous !
awww ~

haha.. anyway.. ramai kott admire dia.. 
but im not one of them oke !
we know each other n we are having time together at stairs !
omg.. macam takk logik kan ?
haha by the way tht a fact  :)
buying maggie n spent time at stairs are not bad actually..
just people will think we are weird..
tangga pun jadi sasaran nak 'dating'
haha :D

biar la ape orang nak pikir.. 
but 3 hari 2 malam dekat MSU college 
memang best n happening !
tak sia-sia la pergi.. walaupun pada mulanya tak nak (memberontak)
then, bukan pergi sana just dengar all time motivation.. its not like tht..
kitorang pun buat jugak aktiviti luar such as paintball n flying fox :)
bestt !  abg-abg dr HARIAN METRO n BERITA HARIAN sibuk rakam aksi kamiii..
tengs to them !  n for abg fesi ( abg aziem ) sebab suka ambil gmbar kami lepas turun dr flying fox..

oke la malas nk story panjang panjang.. just enjoy some of girl yg kena ambil gmbr nya lepas flying fox..

my ustazah (khalidah)

si kembar 

dia seorang yang happening !

peace yaw :)

aina cute girl :)

suke nye dia haha :p

weeehoooo :p

Lastly.. ini la kamii  KEM  ADDIN  BESTT !

addin camp

geng addin :)
girls je allowed !  haha <3

geng boys addin :)
guys ! sorry terpaksa crop n copy from someone..

im sorry yaw !

lots of memories with u guys..
i miss u all :)
next year ade lagi kem addin..
hopefully we can meet each other again !
oke ?