Friday, July 30, 2010

i'm sorry

i'm so sorry :)
because i can't be your special,
i love someone else,
hope you understand,
again sorry dear !

 my suggestion,
find a girl who love you,
that should be okay because 
both you love each other,
loving someone is not fault,
but love make our life colourfull.

as what i told you that day,
i love you as a friend,
but you misunderstood,
that's why we are fight !
heeeeee :)

one thing that i'll never forget,
time that we're spending together,
at food court,book store,library,
n finally tuition center,
when we're being PMR students,
a lot of memories we had.
uhh ! i miss that time damnn much <3

i hope i can be your friend for ever :)

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